Education Support

Education support program works to lay the groundnut for the future direction of people of people lives and the societies they live in. It is a fundamental human right and for the social, political and economic participation. In view of this:

  • Helpline Foundation support Education for Orphans and Vulnerable Children through scholarship scheme for their primary and secondary education
  • The foundation went further in renovating and upgrading dilapidated classrooms in Ofante L.G.A of Kogi State and
  • Helpline Foundation further engaged in Payment of school fee for indigent pupils and students

Aiming at lending positive agenda settings and redefining the future of the less privileged children in the society. 


Our activities are mainly sponsored by funds provided by the Board of Trustees (BOT), Fund raising Initiatives by the foundation and people of goodwill who align with the aims and objectives of HELPLINE FOUNDATION.


  • In the nearest future the organization has a plan of establishing a home for orphans and vulnerable children in the Federal Capital territory, Abuja. Nigeria
  • Increasing its scope and capacity to touch as many lives as possible 


  • Care and support for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC)
  •  Poverty Alleviation through Empowerment Initiatives for Women/Youth

1 thought on “Education Support

  1. Good day my fellow women , you really made us proud as women . if you can do it in a country like Nigeria, then it can be done here in Namibia as well. all we need is a boost and some technical training as well as educational training.
    if is possible to link me up and receive some training then i can do it for the African women and children.

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