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Helpline Foundation Commissions Temporary Shelter For Abused Women And Girls

Shelters are necessary to provide safe spaces and secure accommodation for women and girls who are either at risk or have been subjected to one form of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) or the other.

One of the major reasons why victims of GBV do not report their abuse is the FEAR that their abuser will harm them if they do, the abusers also take advantage of this fear because they know that these victims have nowhere to run to.

The increasing rate of GBV in Nigeria and other parts of the world calls for a holistic approach to tackling the scourge. At the same time, we continue to mount pressure on policymakers by advocating for stiffer punishments for perpetrators of GBV. It is necessary to invest in the wellbeing and recovery of victims.

Helpline Foundation for the Needy has commissioned its Temporary Shelter for Abused Women and Girls this shelter will provide the necessary protection and privacy for abused women and girls.

These women will live rent-free for a maximum of 6 months. During this period, they will get support to gain skills that they can use to support themselves economically, build their self-confidence, and get support to bring their abusers to justice if need be.

They will also get access to professional mediation services to help them go back to their spouses.

The fight to end GBV is everyone’s fight, and we will win when we all play our parts.

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