International Peace Day 2020

As the world marks the International Day of Peace today, the United Nations expects we will have at least 24 hours of ceasefire and non-violence globally.
International Peace Day
In the past few years, the violent activities of bandits, terrorists, and other criminal elements in our society have led to the loss of thousands of lives and livelihoods, thereby increasing dependence on humanitarian aid and putting imminence pressure on governments, development agencies, and charity organizations.
Helpline Foundation for the Needy Abuja is committed to promoting the ideals of peaceful coexistence in Nigeria and across the world.
We recognize the importance of ensuring the safety and peace of our neighbors and fellow citizens.
The Covid-19 pandemic that brought the entire world to a standstill is a testament to the fact that whatever affects one can affect all, hence the need to work together towards a violence-free world.
We also recognize that without peace, we can’t have progress and prosperity.
It is our prayer and desire that peace will be restored to every troubled spot in Nigeria.
Happy International Peace Day 2020.

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