About Us

Who we are?

Helpline Foundation is a charity organization that started informally in 1998. Incorporated in Nigeria as Pure Saints home in 2003 and later changed to Helpline Foundation for the Needy Abuja in 2010.

At inception, our focus was solely on providing scholarships, books and relief to help children orphaned by HIV/AIDS in the FCT stay in school,

However, over the years, we have expanded our programs and beneficiaries to include various vulnerable groups in all the North-Central States of Nigeria and most recently Enugu State in South-East Nigeria.

In the last two decades, over three thousand widows, vulnerable women, young people and children have benefited from the various empowerment programs we have designed and implemented, each one of our programs are designed to meet the specific need of the target demography and we have over the past sixteen years recorded a high rate of success.

Founders Remarks

Our story since 2003 has being that of empathy toward building a society where everyone, including women, girls, young boys, people living with disabilities, and other marginalized groups have equal opportunities and access to socioeconomic opportunities that will set them on the pedestal to achieve their full potentials and goals; despite the huge limitations posed by access to financial resources, we have determined not to fold our hands and do nothing, so we wake up everyday committed to touching lives through our various empowerment programs.

Over 80% of our beneficiaries are women, and our approach revolves around providing sustainable sources of income that will move them above the poverty benchmark, capacity- building & education, women and girls engagement and participation, partnerships and collaborations, knowledge sharing and policy advocacy.

Aims and Objectives

  • To care and support orphans and vulnerable children in the society through various developmental initiatives
  • To carry out mobilization and sensitization against child labor in collaboration with other organizations like NATIP, NACRAN, UNICEF
  • To give support and encourage education  through scholarships, donation of educational materials and renovation of classroom blocks for children to compete with other children in the society
  • To develop independent mind in children through the introduction of technical education that will encourage multi purposes activities and prepare them for future empowerment
  • To partner with other organization to improve the standard of health of orphans and vulnerable children in the country through initiatives that provides interventions in this regard
  • To empower the less privileged through the provision of micro credit scheme especially for women and Youth. Economic strengthening is the key to Poverty alleviation, hence our emphasis on micro credit scheme for the less privileged as well as grants is to help them facilitate small scale business to become self-reliant.

Our Goals

  • To provide the support  needed by OVC to enable them realize their full potentials in the society
  • To assist the less privileged of the society through empowerment schemes that will lift them from poverty status to the level of financial independence.